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Mercy in Six Words

September 24, 2013

By Isaac Garcia, Institute Communications Office

Different Worlds. One Heart. Through Mercy.

From Christine S., Student at Misericordia University

Last week, we cast out into the deep and asked our blog readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share what Mercy means to them in six words. A similar message went out to sisters and ministries across all the Americas. Thank you for your overwhelming response! The results have been nothing short of breathtaking, both in terms of quality and quantity. Since we received over 400 sentences, I wanted to highlighted a few of my favorites before sharing the rest below. Read all of them to envelop yourself in the Mercy spirit and be inspired on #MercyDay.

  • Mercy means no one’s left out.  Sister Mary C.
  • Sixty years, Mercy lived, Mercy loved.  Sister Mary H.
  • Mercy responds to the world’s heartbeat. – Sister Margaret C.
  • Looked for community … found my place.  Trudy B., Mercy Associate
  • Hospitality, with a cup of tea.  Christine G., West Midwest Community Staff
  • Mercy is empowered women empowering others!  Barbara J., Carlow University
  • Serving others with warm, compassionate hospitality.  Stephanie N., Mercy Volunteer Corp
  • Mercy is ignoring a person’s label.  Maggie S., Mercy Academy Student
  • Mercy: deepest thing revealed by God.  @AquinasMercy
  • A compassionate community living Christ’s call.  @JulMurray
  • Standing with those who need it.  @katherineobvius
  • Never saying that ‘it is enough’.  Matthew R.
  • Mercy is being Catherine’s daughter/son.  Maureen P.
  • Sharing a comfortable cup of tea.  Tangie C.
  • “Entering into the chaos of another.”  Abby B.
  • Strong, faithful women leading the way.  Martin D.
  • Mercy is Communion with Jesus Christ.  Merilyn L.
  • Knowing mercy and justice are verbs.  Carol C.
  • Wrapping my arms around someone suffering. – Denise C.

(video from Salve Regina University)


The beauty of asking an open ended question is receiving a wide array of responses. Some people choose to reflect on the virtue of mercy, others reflected on their experience as a Mercy Sister, Associate or staff member, while still others reflected on their time in a Mercy school. As you read through these responses, try to allow yourself to see the breadth of the Circle of Mercy and how the work of God has been accomplished for decades by those who follow Jesus in the tradition Catherine McAuley.

Leave a six-word comment below to join in and celebrate Mercy Day with us!


(make sure to watch all 6 videos in the playlist!)


From Mother of Mercy High School in Cincinnati, OH


  • Mercy means no one’s left out. – Sister Mary C.
  • Mercy: love that knows no bounds. – Sister Mary C.
  • Mercy embraces alien, friend and foe. – Sister Sally S.
  • Catherine’s daughter, 50 years, Mercy blessings. – Sister Victoria V.
  • Kindness in the face of misery. – Sister Carolyn S.
  • Mercy: God incarnate in others’ needs. – Sister M. Lalemont P.
  • Love, service, community, care, family, prayer. – Sister Ellen F.
  • Hearts reaching out to the world. – Sister Carolyn B.
  • Sixty years, Mercy lived, Mercy loved. – Sister Mary H.
  • Mercy means compassionate, strong, humble, forward. ­– Sister Genevieve M.
  • Mercy: moving forward with confident truth. – Sister Genevieve M.
  • Catherine’s Vision: love/serve God’s poor. – Sister Frances R.
  • Mercy mission. Catherine’s vision. Compassionate Love. – Sister Frances R.
  • Mercy Alive: God’s Tenderness in Us. – Sister Marilyn K.
  • Serving others happily with RSM friends. – Sister Frances Ann C.
  • Given at birth. Give with joy. – Sister Donna C.
  • Called to nurse. Lived through Mercy. – Sister Gail W.
  • Women centered in God, fully alive! – Sister Ann M.
  • Mercy mirrors the heart of God. – Sister Helen G.
  • Mercy is living life more abundantly. – Sister Sharon B.
  • Mercy is forgiveness, today, yesterday, tomorrow! – Sister Marie K.
  • Fifty years later, blessed beyond measure. – Sister Honora N.
  • Restoring hope through love & compassion. – Sister Letty D.
  • Mercy breaks out outing too–cautious fear. – Sister Fran M.
  • Catherine’s perennial garden is Mercy today. – Sister Carren H.
  • Open to loving and being loved. – Sister Carren H.
  • Catherine’s charism calling all to service. – Sister Carren H.
  • Mercy: seeing with eyes of God. – Sister Carren H.
  • Heart in the face of misery. – Sister Hannah Mary O.
  • Mercy responds to the world’s heartbeat. – Sister Margaret C.
  • Accepts you where you are – humbly. – Sister Theresa Marie S.
  • What joy to be a Mercy! – Sister Mary P.
  • God is merciful to us…so? – Sister Renee Y.
  • God’s innermost being, loving kindness revealed. – Sister Patricia B.
  • Compassionate presence + service to God’s people. – Sister Mary G.
  • Mercy: a pat on the heart. – Sister Pat O.
  • Centered in God, Enduring, Compassionate Presence. – Sister Angela P.
  • Centered in God, connecting with others. ­– Sister Angela P.
  • Com–Passion. Kindness. Justice. Compañera of non–privileged. – Sister Martha L.
  • Our hearts are centered in God. – Sister Patricia G.
  • The world’s suffering caressed by God. – Sister Sheila C.
  • Compassionate, Loving Service to God’s people. – Sister Jackie N.
  • Compassionate, loving Women, joyfully serving God. – Sister Jackie N.
  • House of Mercy – all are welcome. – Sister Deborah T.
  • Great challenge and even greater responses. – Sister Karen D.
  • Mercy has been everything for me! – Sister Marylouise F.
  • Mercy: undeserved, lavished upon, poured out. – Sister Mary M.


  • Looked for community … found my place. – Trudy B.T.
  • God’s light, our hands, reaching out. – Kathy E.
  • In solidarity, we come to serve. – Lincoln S.
  • The miracle of kindness is mercy. – Julia H.


  • Mercy circles. Hearts melt. Peace becomes. – Tom Foley, President, Mt. Aloysius College with wife Michele, Mercy Associate
  • Mercy, Every Road Changes You. Misericordia. – Dr. Tom Botzman, President, Misericordia University


  • French class to career…thank you. – Susan C., Institute Office
  • Hospitality, with a cup of tea. – Christine G., West Midwest Community
  • Show Mercy, Because Jesus Shows Mercy. – Carl B., Misericordia University
  • Smart women working for social justice. – Jon W., University of Detroit Mercy
  • Was lost but now am found. – Judie H., University of Detroit Mercy
  • Named baby after Mercy sister, Anya! – Brenda P., Institute Office
  • I think the risk paid off. – Isaac G., Institute Office
  • Mercy brings blessings to our world. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy is forgiveness without asking. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy saves a broken life. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy holds the hand of peace. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy and love reign together. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy, like rain, refreshes the land. – Joanie Y., Misericordia University
  • Mercy is a family & a home. – Ashley H., Mercy Academy
  • Mercy Tempered with Love is Present. – Fr. Jim A., Misericordia University
  • Blessed, Dedicated, Strong, Compassionate, Determined Educators. – Kenneth F., Carlow University
  • Radical women who changed the world. – Jessica F., Carlow University
  • Mercy doesn’t need to be earned. – Linda S., Carlow University
  • Mercy is empowered women empowering others! – Barbara J., Carlow University
  • His peace & mercy surpasses all understanding. – Patty R., Carlow University
  • Accepting and loving – like God Loves. – Joyce H., Carlow University
  • What next need should we address? – Anne C., Carlow University
  • Compassion, Service, Love: Faith Working Wonders. – Jean S., West Midwest Staff
  • Social Justice: Corporal and Spiritual Works., – Joe E., University of Detroit Mercy
  • Eliminating hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness; instilling life. – Fern V., University of Detroit Mercy
  • Welcoming, with a cup of tea. – Liz P., University of Detroit Mercy
  • Helping others through works of Mercy. – Liz P., University of Detroit Mercy
  • How to live a life – Mercifully! – Evelyn Q., Georgian Court University Provost
  • In Mercy all are welcomed home. – Vanessa B., Misericordia University


  • Simple yet challenging—pursue with gratitude! – Amanda B.
  • Mercy teaches interdependence. I will, too. – Elaine B.


  • Mercy is the highest human attribute. – Laura T.
  • Mercy is God’s love and forgiveness. – Danielle M.
  • Mercy is FAITH in Humanity period. – Melissa P.


  • Mercy enlivens, enriches, empowers, advocates, celebrates.
  • Mercy hods us in God’s care.
  • Educated through Mercy. Prepared for Life.
  • Mercy = Golden Rule (24/7)
  • Mercy cares; Mercy connects; Mercy listens.
  • Making the world a better place.
  • Mercy Heals – Hearts Mend – Many Held.
  • Receiving Mercy: Help Arrives. Inhale. Exhale.
  • Miraculous, Embracing, Renewing, Charism, Yearnings fulfilled


  • Mercy is compassionate action, transforming lives.
  • Mentoring lives while welcoming the Next.
  • Faculty and students discovering Mercy together.
  • Faculty, students, mercy: the perfect storm.
  • Education in Mercy for the Journey.
  • Mercy generosity through education and connections.


  • Mercy is the hand of God. – Georgia Y.
  • Mercy: The tender embrace of God. – Christine S.
  • Mercy is the Heart of God. – Caitlin C.


  • Sinner yet shown forgiveness, love, compassion. – Jerica C.


  • God’s rich Mercy makes us alive. – Rebekah B.
  • Felt lost. Mercy guided me home. – Monica C.
  • Changes lives, model God’s abundant love. – Matthew S.
  • The will of God through compassion. – Jack F.
  • Open eyes. Open arms. Open heart. – Anna M.
  • God’s love shared person to person. – Amy C.
  • Always be kind. Live to Love. – James M.
  • A University’s Social Work Class:
    • Mercy is empathy for the other.
    • Mercy is action to alleviate suffering.
    • Mercy is giving of compassion freely.
    • Mercy is doing service for others.
    • Mercy is accepting one another unconditionally.
    • Mercy is understanding another person’s suffering.
    • Mercy is giving of unconditional help.
    • Mercy and social work are ONE.


  • Serving others with warm, compassionate hospitality. – Stephanie N.


  • Mercy people are God’s earthly angels. – Thomas F.
  • Tender loving care; peace; sunshine; laughter. – Theresa R.P.
  • Mercy is stepping outside of yourself. – Felicia R.
  • Meeting everyone with peace and humility. – Matthew R.
  • Recognizing the Christ in one another. – Matthew R.
  • Responding faithfully to humanity and poverty. – Matthew R.
  • Never saying that ‘it is enough’. – Matthew R.
  • Receiving the ungrateful again and again. – Matthew R.
  • What our Lord blesses us with! – Joyce P.
  • Selfless love in action every day! – Sharon W.
  • Mercy Sisters, Family, Aunt, Cousins, Friends! – Sharon W.
  • Mercy is being Catherine’s daughter/son. – Maureen P.
  • Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy. – Joseph G.
  • Compassion for all regardless of status. – Qingya L.
  • Mercy models respect for all beings. – Chris D.
  • Sharing a comfortable cup of tea. – Tangie T.C.
  • The “Circle of Mercy” is timeless. – Jean B.
  • Mercy is loving, caring and compassion. – Alisa V.
  • The Circle of Mercy is kindness. – Nicola C.
  • Having a comfortable cup of tea. – Nicola C.
  • Mercy: seeing Christ in every face. – Nancy A.
  • Forgiving when you’ve been badly hurt. – Patti A.
  • The Good Samaritan deeds of empathy. – Marilee H.
  • Caring for all peoples, faith – hope. – Sandy K.
  • Loving those the world deems unworthy. – Rita C.
  • Being loved when you feel unworthy. – Rita C.
  • Enfolded in God’s tender compassion. – Rita C.
  • Compassion, empowerment and action for others. – Bill G.
  • Fairness for all people all over. – Susan R.
  • Mercy is understanding, love and forgiveness. – Carole F.
  • “Entering into the chaos of another.” – Abby B.
  • A reflection of the diving nature. – Philip P.
  • The path of mercy is love. – Sharon O.
  • To me, it means unconditional love. – Kelly C.
  • Life–giving hope from compassionate, unconditional forgiveness. – Ian S.
  • Mercy is the Golden Rule activated. – Laurie R.
  • Unlimited favor to share with others. – Susan H.
  • God forgiving me of my sins. – Claudia C.
  • Giving love and help unconditionally daily. – Jennie P.
  • Jesus healed my body and soul! – Cindy H.
  • Jesus is so good to me! – Cindy H.
  • Love when you feel so unworthy. – Karen G.
  • Mercy is God’s love for us. – Raymond H.
  • Mercy flows from wellsprings of compassion. – Josephe F.
  • Mercy is my mother’s first name. – John P.
  • Mercy empowers, promotes and encourages justice. – Dorothy B.
  • Forgiving him for an uncurable virus. – Stephanie J.
  • Changing the world my moving on. – Stephanie J.
  • Finding a cure for all diseases. – Stephanie J.
  • Mercy is love, dedication to mankind. – Angie S.
  • Mercy: God’s gift to the world. – Dave P.
  • God gives his children mercy everyday. – Janet G.
  • Forgiving he who hurts me, merciful. – Elisa R.
  • Unconditional love, kindness, compassion for everyone. – Mary M.
  • Strong, faithful women leading the way. – Martin D.
  • Mercy shows Christ’s love for us. – Holly W.
  • Love that need not be earned. – Katherine S.
  • Mercy will always have my heart. – Carol D.
  • Mercy, what we live and believe. – Emily S.
  • My name is three generations of women. – Mercie H.
  • The word Mercy means Misericordia in Spanish. – Mercie H.
  • To mean it means to forgive. – Mercie H.
  • Get out of jail free card. – Danielle P.
  • Mercy is the compassion of God. – Jacqueline D.
  • God’s indefatigable love shared without measure. – Tom W.
  • A compassionate act of pure love. – Tom W.
  • Mercy is only given not taken. – Kathy K.
  • Mercy; caring with love and justice. – Alan M.
  • Mercy is our faith in action. – Sharron C.
  • Mercy means sincere compassion and caring. – MarySheila M.
  • God’s love shared through our life. – Doug D.
  • Showing compassion for all in need. – Eileen S.
  • God’s grace outpoured – “whatsoever you do” – Polly S.
  • Compassionate hope for a weary world. – Bethann G.
  • Mercy is Communion with Jesus Christ. – Merilyn L.
  • Mercy: Forgiveness without needing payback. – Ann R.
  • Forgive everyone who has wronged you. – Paul C.
  • Having compassion for others and yourself. – Tammy S.
  • Living to give and forgive. – Norma G.
  • Unconditional, extreme love in spite afflictions. – Gloria M.
  • Taking care of the poor, sick. – Liz P.
  • My passport to compassion and justice. – Sherin G.
  • Mercy is to forgive and love. – Armando M.
  • God’s ever embracing love made real. – Jeff P.
  • Love & Compassion for your fellow beings. – Marydana B.
  • Fullness of God’s grace for all. – Susan D.
  • Service is a way of life. – MJ H.
  • Mercy is a way of life. – Christine L.
  • Knowing mercy and justice are verbs. – Carol C.
  • Living is about mercy and grace. – Victoria M.
  • Mercy is held in God’s hands. – Moira B.
  • Mercy expresses our love for others. – Ann R.
  • Being mercy everyday of my life. – Carol C.
  • Christ’s teaching actualized in actions & service. – Patricia C.
  • God’s Angels, caring and sharing heart–to–heart. – Maureen C.
  • Compassion and love for each other. – Margaret W.
  • Mercy girls to women of Mercy. – Christina S.
  • Love, compassion, justice, caring for others. – Joanne K.
  • The spilling over of God’s love. – Pat F.
  • God’s love when you are hopeless. – Elizabeth C.
  • Mercy means Jesus’ compassionate, loving LOVE! – Linda S.
  • Since you receive mercy, give it. – Valerie P.
  • Wrapping my arms around someone suffering. – Denise C.
  • Forgiving someone with love and understanding. – Denise C.
  • Lending a hand for the handicapped. – Denise C.
  • Compassionate, loving and hard working women. – Ashley R.
  • God’s unmerited favor towards His Children. – Kelly M.
  • Forgiveness, unconditional love, spare of save. – Gretchen C.
  • Mercy: God’s Gift to us all. ­– Jeanne M.
  • Seeing all people as God’s image. – Ted D.
  • God showing mercy to his children. – Janet G.
  • Love and compassion for your neighbors. – Marydana B.
  • Compassion, forgiveness, grateful for all blessings. – Betty R.
  • My password to liberty and justice. – Sherin G.
  • Mercy is love with no limits. – Holly M.
  • Was a great place to work. – William K.
  • Unending love and forgiveness for all. – Teresa K.
  • Fabulous Montessori education for my children. – Nancy S.
  • Forgive and forget. Forget and forgive. – Gayathri S.
  • Pecator sicut sum, Deus me amat! – Ulises P.
  • An everlasting bond of friendships. – Kristie E.
  • Independent, strong young women of God. – Michelle J.
  • Love for humanity, through His grace. – Chiappazzi M.
  • Loving. Compassionate. Realist. Teaching. Merciful. Peaceful. – Regina R.
  • Sharing self especially when it’s difficult. – Pat C.
  • Always being of service to others. – Sarah V.
  • Education women to better our world. – Sarah V.


  • Mercifully driven to service, compassion, education. – @desireeCrose
  • Mercy is God’s love made real. ­– @DJDukeManT
  • Mercy is the love of God. – @A55S88
  • Reaching out with God’s loving compassion. – @C_McLeish
  • A constant reminder of His grace. – @KellyMihalik
  • Doing what is needed for others. – @bernardkearney
  • Passion for helping, love in action. – @curialicia
  • Mercy means forgiveness, compassion, thankfulness, love. – @margo1927
  • God loves more than we deserve. – @BobSlobig
  • Love, forgiveness and passion is mercy. – @JordanVorbrink
  • Mercy is always being yourself. – @nataliebroadus
  • Never underestimate the power of Mercy. – @shelbs1326
  • Mercy is embracing and finding yourself. – @KellyBeeannn
  • Mercy Academy is about finding yourself. – @ashley_batliner
  • Mercy is humble, kind and welcoming. – @Alexus_Marie4
  • Mercy is my family & my home. – @rachelsmiles23
  • Faith in yourself, others and community. – @peggyschnell
  • Mercy is being who you are. – @KatieJoJo12
  • Mercy is a loving, caring home. – @MajestyWilliams
  • Mercy is the highest human attribute. – @LaurasGreenEyes
  • Mercy is an acceptance of differences. – @always_ngoc
  • Mercy means forgiving and moving on. – @JennGiangarra
  • Mercy’s shown through love and compassion. – @hannahnb21
  • Mercy: deepest thing revealed by God. – @AquinasMercy
  • Mercy is a way of life. – @DeanKGoff
  • Mercy Academy is my second home. – @macy_spears
  • Mercy is granting forgiveness to everyone. – @taylor_baby15
  • Mercy is hope for the future. – Chelsea
  • A compassionate community living Christ’s call. – @JulMurray
  • Being a woman of faith & integrity. @stephanie2214
  • Mercy is friends/family for life! – @hblazis
  • Place I learn to be better. – @MadMart15
  • Mercy is finding yourself through service. – @leigh­_ellen15
  • Mercy’s a place of no judgement. – @kayJbellot
  • Mercy is being your own person. – @k_ballard14
  • Mercy is becoming who you are. – @caleigh_lindley
  • Making brighter eyes for the future. – @cellington0224
  • Mercy: making a drastically helpful change. – @Sammj2012
  • Mercy is loving yourself and others. – @branicolee
  • Mercy means to forgive and forget. – @LexieHamrick9
  • A diverse community filled with love. – @ccowlover
  • Mercy is finding who you are. – @malerienichole_
  • Mercy is going above and beyond. – @mmerilatt65
  • Mercy is wanting to help others. – @peytonlynn6
  • Compassion in the pursuit of justice. – @NETWORKLobby
  • Mercy is choosing to love unconditionally. – @merylinkling
  • Always wanting to love ALL people. – @karbear213
  • Honesty, compassion, and love is mercy. – @allllycaaat
  • Standing with those who need it. – @katherineobvius
  • Mercy is being there for others. – @syd_anonson
  • Mercy to me is endless compassion! – Abby M.
  • Mercy is a sisterhood of faith. – @MadisonL_23
  • Helping the unwanted and the lonely. – @Swipper96
  • Mercy girls becoming women of Mercy. – @maryannTietjen


  • Darkness, hopelessness, Hark! Life–giving Mercy Burst!


  • A foundation for limitless future. – Shana K.
  • Intelligent creative spiritual women: amazing community. – Mr. Bouman, Teacher
  • A Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. – Abby B.
  • It’s more than an excellent education. – Jenna Z.
  • Service rooted education empowering modern women. ­– Sara F.
  • The Circle of Mercy is timeless. – Delaney G.
  • Shaping leaders for a better tomorrow. – Savanna Z.
  • Awake your inner feline, go Bobcats! – Brenda B.
  • Creating a legacy of strong women. – Mary K.G.


  • Mercy is family forever and always. – Alexis F.
  • Mercy is helping others in need. – Meagan G.
  • Mercy is a fun home environment. – Sam D.
  • Mercy is family and home. – Mackenzie B.
  • We walk together as sisters forever. – Alyssa J.
  • Mercy is acting with universal compassion. – Mary R.
  • A family through the inside and out. –Gabriell S.
  • Mercy is ignoring a person’s label. – Maggie S.
  • Mercy is God’s forgiveness for me. – Cassidy R.
  • Mercy is forgiving and giving back. – Kelsey G.
  • Mercy is a sign of forgiveness. – Nicole M.
  • Mercy is showing forgiveness and compassion. – Maria R.
  • Mercy is a way of life. – Taylor
  • Mercy is finding who you are. – Kelsey H.
  • Mercy means to me finding yourself. – Lauren M.
  • Mercy is having compassion and love. – Jesse
  • Mercy is FAITH in Humanity period. – Melissa
  • Mercy is God’s love and forgiveness. – Danielle M.
  • Having love and compassion for others. – Kyra H.
  • Mercy is pushing your limits higher. – Elizabeth P.
  • Mercy is the celebration of humility. – Sarah S.
  • Mercy is loving & caring about everyone. – Mandy H.
  • Mercy is kindness brought to others. – Emma M.
  • It’s what you do to help. – Emma M.
  • Love you bring through your actions. – Emma M.
  • Mercy is loving those in need. – Daley S.
  • Faith rooted; a passion for service. – Jessica G.
  • Mercy is compassionately caring for others. – Shelby T.
  • Mercy, to me, means welcoming. – Maria M.
  • Mercy is forgiving yourself and others. – Kassidy K.
  • Mercy is forgiveness and having compassion. – Sydney G.
  • Helping others and helping the world. – Tisha N.
  • Sisters of Mercy are eternal family. – Shelby B.
  • Mercy is showing everyone we care. – Brianna W.
  • Mercy is exposing yourself to others. – Erin O.
  • Mercy is always showing you care. – Katherine H.
  • Mercy to me is showing forgiveness. – Samantha J.
  • Reaching out to people in need. – Abby L.
  • Young Women Leading as Mercy sisters. – Mackenzie S.
  • Mercy is a service filled community. – Kathryn B.
  • Mercy means to be very courageous. – Susie W.
  • Mercy is standing up for yourself. – Bailey M.
  • Mercy is home away from home. – Sam B.
  • Showing compassion to those in need. – Sarah P.
  • Mercy is about being an individual. – Camry K.
  • An act of kindness towards others. – Jordan W.
  • Mercy is a place of comfort. – Jacqueline S.
  • Being compassionate and forgiving to others. – Natalie K.
  • Mercy is more than a school. – Diana F.
  • Mercy is being there for others. – Sydney A.
  • To be united together as one. – Tiffany H.
  • Helping other people without seeking reward. – Shayna C.
  • Mercy is learning new things everyday. – Amanda H.
  • Mercy: where you become a woman. – Meagan Z.
  • Mercy is helping others, loving others. – Megan M.


  • Loving friends, compassionate hearts, faith filled. – R.J.
  • Through Mercy
    In Mercy
    Born Again
    – Janet M.
  • Mercy, life to a hopeful world! – Lilian J.
  • Being Mercy with my Sister & Sisters. – Monique T.
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  1. Michelle Gorman permalink
    September 25, 2013 9:01 am

    Magnificent project- way to go, Issac!

  2. Kathy Target permalink
    September 26, 2013 7:44 pm

    Seeing God’s face in EVERY person.

  3. October 10, 2013 9:13 am

    This is awesome! What a creative and simple way to reflect on Mercy!!

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