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Watching the Effects of Climate Change Before Our Eyes

January 14, 2013

1253865_blue_icebergsBy Sister Diane G.

Anyone unconvinced about climate change should go to see the film “Chasing Ice.” It is a breathtakingly beautiful film that in a stark and sobering way documents the melting of glaciers throughout the world.

Through the use of computer generated time lapse cameras, strategically placed throughout the world, the scientist and photographers capture the melting ice as it flows into the oceans. It is happening at an alarming speed! Charts vividly depict the meltdown over several years.

The crew faced many extreme weather conditions and often took great risks to accurately chart these happenings. The courage and determination of two crew members, in particular, is astonishing. They camped out on a mountain, in a small tent, for 21 days waiting for a piece of the glacier to “calf,” which is to break off from the large glacier. Thinking that perhaps this was not going to happen, they were becoming discouraged when suddenly one hears a thundering noise. Before one’s eyes, slowly and incredibly, large chunks of ice, the size of towering office buildings, are lifted up from the ocean floor and break into large chunks and float toward the sea. Although the film shows only a portion of this event, the observers filmed the entire 75 minute “calfing” of the glacier.

The film’s creator, photographer James Balog, uses the information gathered by the crew to travel and educate others about the critical issue of global climate change. Audiences are spellbound as they see this meltdown happening on the screen.  Through projection photography one can see how if this situation continues how catastrophic it will be for all inhabitants of Earth. The hope is that using visual images, along with solid research and education, people will be moved to action to reverse this trend.

I would have liked to see more emphasis placed on what individuals can do to change this situation. However, that was really not the intent of the creators of this documentary. Their main focus was to document the melting glaciers so that one could not deny the reality.

You can learn more about this film project and view a trailer at:  This site will also share ideas about reducing your carbon footprint as well as other ways to actively respond to this Critical Concern of Earth.

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  1. Martha Milner, RSM permalink
    January 14, 2013 9:08 pm

    During a backpacking trek through the wilds of Alaska, I witnessed the calving of several glaciers, in addition, I was able to talk to a science teacher at Wrangel High Schol whose job with students was to measure the receding of the nearby glacier. The records sow that the glacier has been receding at an exponential rate over the past 20 years. It is frightening, to say the least. The fresh water of the glacier flows into the salt sea. It is lost as “fresh” water.

  2. January 23, 2013 9:57 pm

    Martha,Your experience expersses the reality of what is happening–YES, it is frightening !!!
    I am working to keep my carbon foot print & to share all the comes my way with others. NO, doubt you have heard on Bii Mckribben–He’s working & writing about Climate Crisis & is getting a group to march on DC To see how sincere Obama is on his commets in his inaugural address__would love to join him__here I am in a retirement home__no such luck __ I am sending you his article__ & must go pray esp (as I Promised) for this effort !!! Oh, To Be Young & Gay !!! A bk from the past __a journey of 2 young Americans in Europe!!
    Love & Prayer ,Amelie

  3. Marjorie Smith, RSM permalink
    January 24, 2013 7:21 pm

    The rising of the water levels during Superstorm Sandy were very real, as I am a native of Atlantic City, but never have seen the likes of this storm. The water from galciers is beginning to meet the reality of our lives in so many ways. Along with this my very deep concern is for the depletion of the rainforests. For many years I have been part of a wonderful group, Rainforest Relief, which is very visible when this precious wood is being considered for boardwalk re-building. Please be alert as Sandy destroyed many of these boardwalks. Belmar, New Jersey is now not considering its use because of the work of this group; however, Avon by the Sea has not made a decision.

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