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This Special Day

November 21, 2012

By Sister Renee Y.

 Let’s pray for one thing for all of us this Thanksgiving:  May we not overlook the power of this special day.  Somewhere in the fog of our football, food and parading, may that flash of insight come to each of us that everything we have is gift.

We have all met – perhaps even in the mirror – people who feel they have no reason to give thanks; who say they have earned everything they have in life. Pray for people with such ungrateful spirits.  They have consigned themselves to a desert of loneliness and hopelessness.

Hope is very different from expectation.  Expectation has already defined what it wants and when it wants it.  If the expected item never comes, there is nothing left but to feel hopeless.  But hope waits without definition.  Hope knows that the Giver wants to give more than we could ever expect. Hope watches for the constant surprise of grace hidden within ordinary circumstances. Hope and thanksgiving are fraternal twins.

Thanksgiving is the flower that springs from the sacred soil of humility and hope.  It is the shared moment between Giver and Gifted that needs no words. It is the fuse which powers an inspirited life. When we live in hope and thanksgiving, Creation continually pours its own Hope into us, empowering us to live a loving and generous life.

This Thanksgiving you will gather at some table for your nourishment.  Pause to look beyond the turkey and the stuffing.  Open your eyes.  Look at the people who are feeding your heart with their presence and love.  Think of the people who live in your daily world and constantly carry to you the refreshment of their care. Remember the gifts of those who once sat at your table and are now embraced in the Great Mercy and Love for which you give thanks.

Every day, that Mercy and Love hovers under the veil of our ordinary life, gracing us through the particular people and circumstances of our lives. On Thanksgiving we pause to lift the veil, kneel down in our hearts and say “Thank you; thank You!”

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