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Meeting the Global Mercy Community

November 8, 2012

By Sister Julia U.

Ever since I entered the Sisters of Mercy in 1981 I have been fascinated by two things: the extent to which Catherine McAuley’s foundations circle the globe; and the similarity I have found among the sisters.  Until this Fall I had to be content with reading about this, mostly through the Mercy International Association’s website and the weekly Mercy eNews they publish.  A sabbatical this year, however, has enabled me to begin visiting with the sisters around the world—meeting the Global Mercy Community.  I have been blogging about this adventure for the past two months.

So far this part of the journey I have met Mercy in the Pacific, which has taken me to New Zealand, Tonga, Australia, and Guam.  Here I am pictured with Sister Salome in Auckland, New Zealand and five young women who are discerning the call to embody the Mercy charism as Sisters or Associates.

What I have discovered through my travels is that Sisters of Mercy around the world do not have to become one to be one.  We already are one—daughters of Catherine McAuley, steeped in the charism of Mercy.  Frances Warde was right, “It is a glorious thing to be a Sister of Mercy.”

Now I find myself fascinated by the women who made the foundations to these far-off lands.  Thanks to the work of other sisters, I can make that voyage on the Internet by meeting the Foundresses through our online Archives.

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