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Protect Our Waters from Fracking

September 24, 2012

By Sister Diane G.

The message of hundreds of protesters in Philadelphia the other day was clear: “Not One More Drop.” Too much water already has been withdrawn from the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers for the natural gas extraction process called hydrofracking, or ‘fracking.”

The anti-fracking demonstration first started outside the Philadelphia Convention Center. Initiated by the local group Protecting Our Waters, the event was co-sponsored by many groups from New York, New Jersey, Ohio and as far away as West Virginia. As we listened to speakers, sang protest songs, and chanted anti-fracking slogans, Governor Corbett (R-PA) was hosting a conference in the building behind us. Those gathered for the conference included many of the major corporations who have large fracking operations throughout the country.

We then marched through the city, stopping at several key locations along the way, including the Obama campaign headquarters, where “Not One More Drop” was the main message. The stop at PNC Bank called on the organization to stop financing mountaintop removal which is so damaging to the environment; the PA Chamber of Commerce was chided for its aggressive support of shale gas exports overseas; and the message delivered at Governor Corbett’s office was: “Stop Fracking Now.”

The culminating event was a ritual of “Blessing the Waters” and an opportunity was provided for people to sign petitions, support groups working to end fracking, and receive educational materials to share with others.

Additional events for the weekend, part of the Global Day to End Fracking, included a “Sunrise Intervention” and an all-day conference on the health issues related to fracking.

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