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Sister Reflects on Her Travels in Central and South America

September 18, 2012

By Sister Carmen Rosa

I loved recently visiting and sharing with our sisters in Panama who work and share life in poor places, full of hope and faith.

To listen to Sister Tita speak with the indigenous women in their own language (Ngöbere) filled me with much gratitude since it allows her to draw very closely to the women who are double or triple marginalized, and most of them speak only their native language. Sisters Edith and Nieves have to walk hours to reach the different towns and celebrate the Eucharist, and when I had the opportunity of reaching one of these places I felt very much at home.

Surprisingly every time I’m in the middle of the indigenous population I feel at home and part of the family. I experienced it when I visited Santa Rosa in Guyana. I enjoyed nature, its simplicity, the sense of community of life, love and respect for the “pacha mama” (Mother Earth).

In Panama City are our Sisters Mercedes and Angelina, who accompany different people and offer opportunities for healing. I was lucky to go to their house almost every day to have some delicious coffee and to enjoy the presence of our sisters, share hopes, challenges and dreams.

Finally, I went to Sister Dina in Colon. I was very interested in visiting this place and the center MUCEC. How good that I had the chance! This is a wonderful center that offers different programs for girls and boys, and especially provides a space of many opportunities for women.

Now when I look back at all these experiences, I say, only by love can we do so many things, go to places that maybe nobody wants to go, feel happy and full of wonder at the simplicity of life. This experience once more said to me that even though we sisters are few, we can continue to bring about life and receive much life.

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