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Good Cup of Tea

September 12, 2012

By Sister Mary Reynolds

Gather Again with Catherine for a Good Cup of Tea Event – Mercy International Association (MIA)

Imagine what it would be like to have a ‘Mercy Gathering’ – to celebrate together the bonds that unite us. Well, maybe that would be beyond the bounds of possibility in the physical sense, but we found last year that we could gather symbolically around the world. Our experience of the ‘Good Cup of Tea’ event was that it provided a setting to celebrate who we are as Mercy and to enjoy what it is that connects us. So this year, in the spirit of the Gathering, we are repeating the invitation: Gather Again with Catherine for a Good Cup of Tea!

Because of the special significance of 11/11/11, we designated the 11th November, 2011, the 170th anniversary of Catherine’s death as the day for the ‘Good Cup of Tea’ event. It was, of course, a reminder of Catherine’s caring concern for others even in her last moments : ‘Be sure the Sisters have a good cup of tea when I am gone’.

This year, we are suggesting that there be a season in which the ‘Good Cup of Tea’ events might be held and that the season extend from September 24th (Mercy Day) to December 12th (Foundation Day, which this year falls on 12/12/12). The event could be run by groups at a time and on a date convenient to them.

If you have any photos or stories, we’d love to see them. You can send all materials to Remember to have a good cup of tea!

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