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A Morning Prayer for the Eve of Saint Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2012

By Sister Pat K.

Let us pray.  On this day’s morning, we take a moment to ponder the meaning of the cross on this third Friday in Lent. Consider the cross-bearers who are sick and homebound; the suffering and homeless, the immigrants and the forgotten; those among us and we ourselves who carry crosses of our own.

The Celts knelt for prayer in cold water bogs; We find ourselves too often in hot water: hot tempers, frayed nerves, feverishly buying and consuming.

We pray, “Let me let go!”

At life’s crossroads, I see cross bearers all around:  hurting souls lugging life’s burdens on bent shoulders.  We, too, carry burdens of regret and sadness, worry and wounds.

We pray, “Help us, O God!

Help us to see the connections between the cross and hospitality: the thief on the cross who was welcomed home that very day; the joy that comes when we put aside our burdens to help out another.

Let us accept the shadow of the cross when it falls across our days. We know that shadows pass away. We, too, will fall and rise,  still hauling our crosses, but confident that, like Christ, we will rise again.

Let us pray with St. Patrick.
May the love and affection of the saints and angels be with you!
May the love and affection of your dear ones in heaven be with you!
May God shield you from every harm and danger on every steep slope;
May Christ be with you to guide you, inspire you and keep you; and
May the Spirit illumine your goings and comings with the light of love.


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  1. March 16, 2012 10:43 am

    Thank you, Sr. Pat K….a good reflection on this eve of St. Patrick’s Day.

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