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One More Day

February 29, 2012

By Sister Renee Y.

How many times have we said to ourselves, “I wish I had just one more day!”? Maybe it was at the end of that perfect vacation when you didn’t want to leave the sunny beach. Or maybe it was at the conclusion of a visit from one of your grown children who has moved far away.

Sometimes we use the phrase at the culmination of a huge project which has come to deadline without coming to perfection. Sometimes we say it when the ax has fallen and the taxes or mortgage or utility bills are not paid.
Literature and music often make reference to the phrase, “One More Day” or (as they sing in Les Mis), “One Day More”. The phrase seems to carry two slightly different meanings. It can mean:

1. There is only one more day until what we are hoping for becomes a reality – as in a kid’s favorite thought, “Just one more day ‘til Christmas or Hanukah!”

2. If I only had one more day, it would make things so much happier, easier, wonderful as in the touching lyrics , “Just give me one more day before you say goodbye”.

What would we really do with “one more day” in all the situations we have hoped for one? This year, this month, we have a chance to find out.

On February 29th, we actually have one more day than usual. Will we make it special? Will we take the chance to do some of the great things we always say we want to do? Will we reach into the “garage of good intentions” where we store our generous ideas? Will we re-order some of our priorities to do at least one thing we will not want to have left undone at the end of our journey?

In reality, every day that we are given is “one more day” — an unbelievable gift from the Great Fountain of Life which inspirits all us. Today, we have one more day to be grateful and to show it!

Happy Leap Year!

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