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Foundation Day Celebration of Ministries

December 12, 2011

By Dawn Stringfield, Administrator, Mercy Center and Catherine’s Residence

This prayer was shared with staff members at Mercy Center in St. Louis in celebration of the foundation of the Sisters of Mercy 180 years ago.

On this day in Dublin, Ireland, one hundred eighty years ago,

Catherine McAuley and her companions made a commitment

to serve the poor, sick and ignorant –

and the Community of Mercy was begun.

Today we celebrate your commitment to Mercy

through your service and ministry on this campus.

May God grant you wisdom in your decisions; courage in your actions;

and compassion towards all you encounter.

May you experience patience in difficult times;

energy and strength to sustain you throughout the day;

and deep joy and gratitude for each moment of grace.

As a beneficiary of God’s Mercy,

may you be an instrument of that Mercy to others.

May the candle inspire you to continue to let your light –

your giftedness – shine for all to see.

May this Mercy Cross serve as a reminder

that you are a part of Catherine McAuley’s legacy –

part of the Community of Mercy in this time and this place.

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