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Reflection for the Third Sunday of Advent

December 11, 2011

by Sister Andrea C.

This advent, I reflect on:

Awareness of what has been done in the past, evaluating the present moment giving life to the Chapter Declaration—a document that outlines the commitments of the Sisters of Mercy–so as to rekindle the  passion for Mercy unto the future.

Divine Providence–my fervent prayer, sustaining all Mercy ministries  all over  the Institute, answering  the needs of the poor  of  whom Mercy called for.

Values–deepened  and inspired by  the Gospel–will always be a beacon for my Mercy spirituality , a living legacy of  our foundress Catherine McAuley.

Being enhanced by the Mercy Leadership  Development  Program, a program that develops the leadership skills for Sisters of Mercy for the future, I  will reclaim that self of mine that has been taken away by  pride  and egoistic attitude  and  move onward being a better  person to be of  a better service  to those I served.

Being nourished by God’s Mercy  through His  Words  in the  Eucharist, I believe this Advent will  bring a new hope for a better future of  Mercy around the world.

Transformation in all its faces or forms will always be mine to begin, mine to start with and, with the Grace of God, it will surely flow to others and God will do the rest.

Sister Andrea is a campus minister at the School of St. John the Baptist in Mindanao, Philippines.

Sisters of Mercy all over the world pray and reflect during Advent in different ways. During this third week of Advent, Sister Andrea offers her personal Advent reflection and commitment for the future.

Read Reflections from the FirstSecond and Fourth Sundays of Advent.

En Español.

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