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Keystone XL Pipeline: A Peaceful Demonstration

December 7, 2011

By Jennifer V., Georgian Court University student

Over 12,000 people joined together at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C in hopes of supporting Obama in standing up to Big Oil. People from all over the country filled the streets chanting “I believe that we will win” in hopes of someone hearing our cry. Our goal was to create a giant circle around the white house and we created 3 circles maybe even 4.

We were not looking for a fight or an argument, but we were looking for social justice. We were looking for the opportunity to be heard and the ability to come to a mutual agreement that oil is not infinite and we need new and improved ways of using cleaner resources. Fingers waved every time a speaker made points about our water not being infinite or are farmers and our indigenous people suffering. Our hearts suffered along with those farmers and indigenous people and we supported the right to end Tar Sands even more.

Georgian Court University participated in this peaceful demonstration. As a Mercy University we instill in our students the understanding and importance of justice along with compassion, service, integrity, and respect. Justice is about being fair and doing the right thing. How can we eliminate the bullying in our school systems if we have not eliminated the bullying between our own corporations?

Georgian Court students have learned that action can be taken and that is through our voice. We had a say in what happened in Washington, D.C. We gave our service to our brothers and sisters of America who needed us to support them in opposing the approval of drilling for oil. We support alternative resources and sustainability.

So when our nation asked us for our support in opposing the Keystone Pipeline Xl, we showed them respect and gave them our service and stood with them in fighting for justice because that is what Mercy women do. Overall it was a moving experience to watch everyone link arms in support of the same thing. In some way we made history and I do believe that we will win.

View photos from the demonstration on the Sisters of Mercy Facebook page.

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