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What Gives Us Hope?

November 1, 2011

By Sister Pat K.

We’re fast approaching the sacred season of Advent. It comes at a time when the natural world around us is going to sleep. Who will watch and wait for the Coming of Jesus?  Who will take this time to look more deeply into the world that aches for the peace the world cannot give if not us, the faithful ones.  All around the world and in the media there are scenes of violence, rancor and hopelessness. We mourn the loss of life, innocence, civility, compassion and hope.  Who will carry the message of hope that rests in the very heart of Christmas if not us?

Every day from today until the First Sunday of Advent, we will be sharing with you the people and events that give us hope. Right there, right in our path, is someone reaching out to someone else with a kind word. Someone else spends hours, even days, pleading with those in power to release the captive, stop the bombing, feed the hungry, recognize the plight of the immigrant. We watch children in refugee camps playing, laughing, being children in spite of the desperation around them. We hear the voices of our poets and artists who lift the hearts and raise their voices to comfort those on the edge of giving up hope.

Where do you see signs of hope?  What lifts your weary heart? Does Catherine’s McAuley’s example and that of the Sisters of Mercy who have gone before us remind us of how the “kind word, the gentle compassionate look and the patient hearing of sorrows” can bring hope to those whose lives we touch and to our world aching for signs of hope?

Join us in the coming weeks on Facebook, on Twitter using the hashtag #hopemercy and this blog as we share what gives us hope.

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  1. November 4, 2011 1:22 pm

    I recently saw a sign against racism. It said “Muslims are welcome here.” It caused me to step back and then acknowledge my own racism. It gives me hope that others are more aware than I of our unconscious unexamined assumptions and are stepping up to challenge them.

    • William Lincourt permalink
      November 13, 2011 9:25 pm

      Excellent response.

  2. Sharon Burns, RSM permalink
    November 19, 2011 3:16 pm

    Our local news and world news give us more discouraging and negative accounts of the evil in the world. It is a source of hope and encouragement to hear or read about all the
    good other human beings are bringing to a desperate and needy world. Thanks
    Sharon Burns, RSM

    • Connect with Mercy Blog permalink
      November 21, 2011 11:11 am

      Thanks for your thoughtful words, Sharon. We wanted to end the year on a hopeful note and we’re glad that the stories we are sharing are resonating with you.

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