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Mercy Around the World and At Home

October 7, 2011

By Abby C., Mercy High School

Before attending the Young Mercy Leaders conference, I was proud to be a Mercy student of Omaha; now, I feel pride in being a part of Mercy not only in Omaha, but in the global network that is Mercy.

I honestly did not know as much about the Sisters of Mercy before I attended the conference at Mercy International Center in Dublin. Yes, I was familiar with Catherine McAuley’s story and I was aware of the existence of the Sisters of Mercy, but I never really recognized the true faith and impact of Mother McAuley’s work, and the extensive help and love of God the Mercy community expresses all over the world. I learned that Mercy is present throughout the world, helping globally as well as influencing our own hometowns.

Everywhere you go, there’s Mercy! There’s Catherine’s mission of charity and hope, still alive today! There’s the wonderful story of God’s love and salvation, being carried out in the lives of thousands of people! It is truly incredible to think of the global impact of Mercy’s work. From the halls of Mercy High School in Omaha, Nebraska, to the vast lands of Africa, Mercy is sharing God’s love.

Now that I am back from this conference, I feel a calling to serve and a calling to love. I wonder, “How can I help? How can I leave a bigger impact in the world, just through my life? How can I keep Mother McAuley’s mission alive?” The conference reminded me of the necessity of service to others, and how we can all make a difference is we place our faith in God and truly set our minds to it. I also am learning to think in a more global perspective, not only in thoughts of service, but also in my general life. I find myself looking at the clock, and thinking, “So for my friends in that country, it’s this time…” I am “thinking internationally,” learning about and discovering the cultures and ideas of people around the world. I am so thankful for the chance to connect with Mercy students from all over the globe and witness Mercy beyond my own home!

So, now that I and my fellow classmates have this knowledge… what next? On an individual level, I intend to become more informed about global situations such as poverty and lack of education, and find ways to help ease those problems. I want to continue to learn about the history of the Sisters of Mercy, and how that past applies to me and others. I wish to teach others about global issues, and about the Sisters of Mercy, and hopefully inspire them to act. I want to carry out Catherine’s mission in the world, and the mission of God, in the best way possible. As a group, my classmates and I have plans for raising awareness of the history of Mercy in our school, and the importance of service throughout our own community and the entire world. We have many ideas, such as sponsoring “A Good Cup of TeaDay” to raise funds to donate to Mercy International Centre, and finding some time to volunteer in our town as a group. One place we might work at is the Mercy Villa, where we can all play games and socialize with Sisters of Mercy, and share our experiences as a part of Mercy.

We also want to create a better awareness of Catherine McAuley and the history of the Sisters. Most of us have the chance to do that next year, when our class performs our Mercy Day play. Each year at our school, the senior class puts on a theatrical rendition of Catherine McAuley’s life, designating certain girls whom we believe best represent the characteristics of Catherine McAuley to portray her in the play. We hope to bring our new knowledge of Catherine’s life into the show to make it a truly inspiring and informative summary of her life. Goodness knows we cannot explain her amazing life entirely… but we will do our best!

I returned from Dublin a few weeks ago, and am back to a busy but cheerful life in Omaha. However, I have not stopped thinking about the experiences I had at the conference. I am so grateful to God and the people around me, who gave me the chance to learn about Mercy, Catherine McAuley, and God’s work in the world. I have learned so much about the world, and the impact we can leave in it. I have strengthened my connection to the entire world as a child of God, and a Mercy girl. I am writing this now, not just as a resident of Omaha who goes to Mercy High School, but as a member of the global community, who is a part of the network of faith that is Mercy.

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  1. Suzanne permalink
    October 16, 2011 7:08 pm

    Thanks Abby from Omaha. Your reflections were insightful. After 55 years as a Sister of Mercy, I still am inspired and energized when I see or hear about what Mercy Sisters, Associates and companions and Mercy women like you are doing in different parts of The world. I feel part of what happens and the proud to be part of Mercy.

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