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Where do Sisters go to Mass?

September 14, 2011

By Sister Carolyn B.

In our local community of six sisters we are very fortunate to have Mass frequently in our home. When we celebrate holidays and birthdays with the five associates affiliated with our house we begin with Mass. Over the years we have developed something unique to our celebration.

At the time of the sign of peace we share a group hug. This practice has spread to include others who come to our house in the summer months for daily Mass. We invited a priest who celebrates daily Mass at a local high school during the year to come to our chapel during the months when school is not in session. Several of the 26 sisters who live in seven houses on our street and some friends have come to join us. What a blessing it has been to share the Eucharist with them in our home.

Now that school is in session, we go to the local Catholic high school in the mornings where we join with faculty, staff, and a community of Marianist men for Mass in the chapel. It is very touching to begin our day in prayer with those who are ministering with the people of our neighborhood each morning.

On Sunday mornings, five of the sisters who live on our block sing in the choir at the local parish church. We comprise half of the choir members. It is great to expand our experience of community with our parish while sharing our gift of music.

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