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A Transforming Event in my Mercy Life

July 8, 2011

By Taryn, Novice

Last month, the Sisters of Mercy had their 5thInstitute Chapter, an event that lasted 10 days. I must admit, and this will be no surprise to anyone that knows me well, the thought of a 10 day meeting comprising of more than 250 people was slightly daunting to say the least.  I couldn’t imagine what could fill all those days. Many Sisters told me what a blessing it was to be invited and how amazing it would be. I still didn’t get it.Boy, I really didn’t get it. It is hard to describe. We started our day by sitting in one of two groups we were assigned to and did an hour of faith sharing, alternating between our groups. This allowed us to have a deeper conversation and I felt more prepared for the work ahead. Being witness to how decisions were made, from divergence to convergence to final voting, was an eye-opening experience.

I felt the collective goodness in the room, the love, the ‘fruits’ of the Sisters of Mercy. I have never been in a room with so many people and felt so comfortable, not just being encouraged to speak out but wanting to share my thoughts.

I now realize the true blessing it was to be a part of such an important event for the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. As I return back home,  I know that I am better prepared for my future in Mercy. My calling to Mercy was deepened by recognizing and sharing the inner peace I brought each day. Yes, all 10 days.

Taryn is a first year canonical novice, living, studying and ministering in Laredo, TX near the border with Mexico. She is in her third year of becoming a Sister of Mercy

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