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Summer: A Time for Reflection

June 16, 2011

By Sister Carolyn Mary

Ah, summer vacation. Time to relax, read a good book and yes, time aside to pray and reflect on my relationship with God.

For many of us we find ourselves wondering why we feel so tired, spiritually hungry and overwhelmed by almost everything. I found it always reminds me of the pinball machines I played as a kid. If you shook it to hard trying to get points for that free game you often saw instead the words “tilt”. If that happened and it was my last 10 cents my day was ruined.

Just to let you know I was able to play as many as six games on one dime.

So, that’s how I felt as a result of feeling so out of sorts. My feelings were also a warning sign: I needed to slow down and pull myself aside long enough to refocus. If Jesus found the time to withdraw and to communicate with Our Heavenly Father, how much more do I need to step aside once in a while? Summer provides me with an uninterrupted block of time to be present to the Lord.

If we were to listen to ourselves and those around us, I imagine we would be surprised at how often we talk about how busy and tired we are, and how anxious we seem to be about everything. All of this speaks to a life beginning to spin out of control.

As I try to tell my students at the college, the women I work with at our transitional house for homeless women and even myself, if we would listen to our bodies, our heart and the “Spirit” that dwells within us, what a difference it would make! Life would look a whole lot better, our relationship with God would be stronger and gratitude for our many blessings would be the tune we would be humming.

Yes, summer is a time to step aside and be renewed but especially for me, it is also an opportunity to, as scripture so eloquently says in Hosea, “…look I am going to seduce her and lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.” (2:16)

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