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“Meet Mercy” chat celebrates 9 years!

June 15, 2011

By Sister Patti

How do you get to know sisters if you have not had the opportunity to meet them in person? Do you feel shy or nervous about others knowing you might have a call to religious life?

For nine years now, the Sisters of Mercy have had a private online chat room where women can come and ask questions and get to know more about the Sisters of Mercy. Some of our chats have been about living the vows and what they mean to us. Other chats have discussed different aspects of justice even to a pre-election discussion about the last presidential candidates. We’ve had weekly discussions on Sunday scriptures that have assisted me in coming to a greater understanding of their deeper meanings and sharing that knowledge has shown me how the readings have touched the hearts of others.

This wonderful chat room has allowed women to connect with one another as well as the sisters. They are so grateful to know that they are not alone! I have enjoyed these chats and also meeting the women in person after chatting with them for months or years. When I met a chat room participant at a Mercy Challenge, she said “Sister Patti, I met you before!” and we had only met through chat, never in person!

Some of the women who began the process by chatting with us have entered the Sisters of Mercy , some have participated in Mercy Volunteer Corps , and others have become Mercy Associates. The participants, sisters and our wonderful manager Angie have been enriched through this opportunity. Are you interested in the chat room?

Come on by on Friday June 17th at 10 PM EST (9 PM CST, 7 PM PST) and help us celebrate nine years of wonderful discussions! The chat room is located at Check it out before the chat so we can accept you as a participant! You can also share this information with friends on Facebook by visiting our Facebook event .

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