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What’s a Nun Run?

June 14, 2011

By Sister Carolyn B.

How can a woman who is looking at religious life find out about several religious communities within a period of 24 hours? One way is to participate in a Nun Run.

So, what happens on a Nun Run?

A few months ago the Sisters of Mercy in Nashville, TN warmly welcomed a group of three women to Mercy Convent where they enjoyed a pizza dinner. After that they shared Evening Prayer in the chapel. After prayer Sister Suzanne shared her vocation story and her current ministry as Coordinator of the Mercy Spirituality Center. The women and the sisters then enjoyed a hilarious game of Apples to Apples followed by a DVD which introduced them to the life of the Sisters of Mercy. The evening ended with Night Prayer.

The next morning after breakfast at Mercy Convent the group left to visit with the Daughters of Charity. They did a short service project at Catholic Charities and then they attended Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Nashville. After lunch they visited the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia where they joined them for recreation, rosary, evening prayer and dinner. After dinner there was time for sharing with the Dominicans. The day ended with praying Compline, which is another name for Night Prayers.

Transportation was provided by the sisters from each of the convents that they visited. The women enjoyed the event and have kept in contact with the sisters that they visited.

If you’re interested in learning more about us, let us know !

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