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Visiting Community Vision

June 3, 2011

By Sister Pat K.

The concerns Sisters of Mercy and those who work with them express about homelessness, immigration and racism found a practical outlet when two groups from the office in Silver Spring paid a visit to Community Vision of Interfaith Works. Sister Mary, RSM, works with Community Vision and she invited us to experience their work firsthand. The organization sponsors several programs to serve persons who are homeless, hungry and in need of special services like medical care, job training and mental health counseling.

One staff member said “My visit was a truly heartfelt experience. I admire the work the Community Vision staff is doing and I’m inspired to help in any way I can.” Another commented on the commitment and enthusiasm for the work they do was “infectious and opened my eyes to so many needs.”

We created a connection with this segment of our society when we spoke with staff and with some of the clients who were there. Many of us had never had the opportunity to work with those less fortunate and came away from this experience with a broader perspective of the work that Community Vision does on a daily basis. The expertise and professionalism were truly impressive but, as one person said, “Most of all I am impressed by the staff’s respect and care for their clients.”

The next step for the staff in Silver Spring is to organize ways that we can, on a regular basis, provide volunteer services that put our actions where our good intentions are.

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