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Join us in Addressing Human Trafficking

May 25, 2011

By Susan Makos, Mercy Investment Services

With the summer travel season starting this weekend, many of us will be in and out of hotels as we journey from destination to destination. However, the guests we pass in the hallways of these hotels may not be there freely. Every year, more than 12 million people are human trafficking victims, held against their will and sexually exploited. Some are forced to work long hours in deplorable conditions under threats of deportation.

As part of the Sisters of Mercy’s concern for women and children, Mercy Investment Services has been actively working with corporations to improve their policies and identify human trafficking victims within their industries.

As a consumer, you can help Mercy Investment Services have a greater impact on company policy. By notifying the hotels at which you stay of your concern for human trafficking, you can take an active role in ending this tragedy.

Mercy Investment Services offers a standard letter that identifies your relationship with Mercy and your request for the hotel to address this in its practices and policies. Please visit to print your letter. You’ll be asked to fill out a short form identifying the hotel at which you’re staying. This information will help our social responsibility staff follow up with the hotel regarding their practices. Thank you for helping Mercy Investment Services to raise corporate awareness and implement the changes needed to end human trafficking.

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