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Connecting Earth Day and Good Friday

April 12, 2011

By Sister Ana Maria

Genesis says that we are made of earth, and for tens of thousands of years humankind discovered the presence of the Mystery of the Sacred in Mother Earth, the Goddess, who gave us life, allowing our survival with her animals and fruits. Even today some people maintain this link with respect and love for Earth and feel part of her.

This year’s Earth Day coincides with Good Friday, a day that calls us to hear Earth’s cry of pain of destruction and pollution. This gives us the possibility to, through compassion for the crucified ones of today, stop this destruction made on behalf of the capitalist economy and the Market God. The treatment we give to Earth shows the treatment of our interpersonal and international relations. To lose respect for Earth is to lose respect for us in the same way.

This causes so much suffering and death in a globalizing social tsunami that with its power moves on and destroys and crucifies cultures of “annoying and disposable” people in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America and also in the North, where the people can be sacrificed in order to accumulate more wealth for the benefit of a few.

In order to do this, the system creates waves of Multinational Financial Organizations, coups and wars that serve to make more profit while ignoring the environmental and human destruction, which is minimized and silenced with media misinformation.

The rationale for this is that we feel superior to the land and many of her children because they are black, Asian, indigenous, poor, ignorant, etc. and we consider this natural as we enjoy the wealth and rights while we take everything away from them.

This Friday we will pray for Earth and her children still on the Way of the Cross through exclusion, human trafficking, social injustice, gender violence, looting of natural wealth and many more ways…and hear her voice telling us at the bottom of our hearts:



Sister Ana Maria originally wrote this in her native Spanish. You may read the original here.

Other possible readings and actions for Good Friday/Earth Day include:

reflection on the connection between crucifixion and extinction of species

Mercy reflections on the oppression in Honduras and a movement to end the bloodshed in Mexico

Save trees by saying “no” to junk mail

Collect signatures to tell Congress to say “no” to hydrofracking

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