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God wants YOU!

February 2, 2011

By Sister Pat P.

When I was a principal, a student that was somewhat shy felt she could not join religious life because she could never be a leader.  This is what came out of that discussion.

I asked her if she had ever…
…..helped her sister with her homework?
…..called a friend and asked her if she wanted to go to the movies?
…..organized a party at her house?

With all these questions she replied that she had.  I then stated that these where steps to being a leader.  For her age group that was a start.  We then began to discuss our responsibilities as Catholic and as Christians.

I had not thought about that conversation until last week when I attended a leadership conference.  As a result of that conference, my new response is… if we are Christians and we love God and want to serve His people then we cannot afford not to be a leader.  We MUST speak out for those not able to.  We must reach out and help those in need.  Whether we are a Religious, Married, Priest, Deacon or Single, we have the responsibility.  After all, Jesus gave us that challenge when he taught us about the Beatitudes.  We definitely have to lead people to Jesus!  God wants you!  He needs you!  We must have Be – Attitudes and not No Attitudes.

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