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Join in Advocacy with Mercy Sisters

February 1, 2011

By Marianne Comfort, Institute Justice Team

When I came to work for the Sisters of Mercy three months ago, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of advocacy carried out as part of their vow to serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness and lack of education. I have grown only more impressed since then of the commitment and resolve to address the most pressing issues of our day.

Some of the Sisters’ concerns around issues of poverty, immigration, nonviolence, racism, the equality of women and care for the Earth are expressed in a reflection on President Obama’s State of the Union Address.Now we are looking toward putting those words into action. Over the coming year we will be defending the principles of healthcare reform, especially the goal of increasing access for Americans who are currently uninsured and underinsured. We will be calling for immigration reform that unites families and creates a pathway to citizenship, and speaking out against proposals that would deny citizenship to children born in the U.S. of undocumented parents. We will be joining with others to protect our most vulnerable neighbors from spending plans and deficit-reduction plans that would cut critical services and programs and put our nation’s economic security at risk, and calling instead for deep cuts in military spending. We also are likely to be speaking up for policies that address climate change, global water issues and other environmental concerns,

The Sisters of Mercy are grateful for our network of advocates who contact their legislators on such issues, write letters to the editor and in so many ways add the voice of justice to the public debate. We had about 900 people contact their legislators in support of the DREAM Act, for instance, with more than 2,800 messages going out to Representatives and Senators urging them to pass this legislation that would have created a pathway to citizenship for young adults who came to this country as children with their undocumented parents. While it didn’t move forward in the Senate, we know our voices were heard in legislative offices all around the Capitol.

We invite you to join our email advocacy network by completing this form and indicating which issues you’d like us to contact you about. You will receive occasional updates on the issue as well as alerts at critical times for contacting your legislators to sway their votes.

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