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Immigration New Year’s Resolutions Growing

January 19, 2011

By Marianne Comfort, Institute Justice Team

About 300 people have made a New Year’s Resolution through the Sisters of Mercy website to further immigration reform in the first few months of 2011. Check out the video clips of some of them describing their pledge, and you’re sure to be as impressed as I am with the responses.

The most popular actions are:

• Praying for immigrants and for legislators weighing in on immigration-related proposals, with about 250 pledges

• Talking to 5 friends, relatives or co-workers about immigration reform; 170 pledges

• Calling legislators once a week to encourage passage of immigration reform; about 150 pledges

Some people added a personalized pledge, such as the Sister who wrote on her paper pledge that she will donate 50 blankets to immigrants.

I’ve heard from some Sisters who have taken action already, just barely into the new year. One met with her Representative, who is tough on immigration, to try to persuade her to be more open to immigrants’ needs. Another has published two letters to the editor in her local newspaper: one expressed disappointment that the DREAM Act didn’t pass, the other expressed concern about proposals to deny citizenship to children born in the US of undocumented parents. Another Sister explained that she will be continuing her work with the children of immigrants and teaching English to their parents; she also is part of a group that videotaped immigrants telling their stories, in order to evoke some sympathy among other community residents.

Please add your pledge to theirs by making a New Year’s Resolution now.

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