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How Do Sisters Celebrate Christmas?

December 23, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

Christmas is a special religious holiday for sisters as they celebrate the coming of Christ into our world, but do they also have a Christmas tree and presents?

Here is what my local community does for Christmas.  Last night we gathered with several Mercy Associates in the entrance way to our house for a special prayer service called the posada in which we enacted Joseph and Mary searching for a place of shelter in Bethlehem. 

Most of us went into our community room where we have a Christmas crib and closed the door.  One of our Associates who is a priest took the role of Joseph and one of the sisters was Mary.  They knocked on the door three times before the rest of us invited them to enter.  We then had a blessing of the crib followed by Mass in our home.  During Mass we shared our reflections on the gospel reading.

After Mass we had a delicious Christmas dinner and then we had a gift exchange.  Each gift was wrapped very creatively.  We drew numbers to determine who could choose a gift.  We could either choose a gift from under the tree or steal one from someone who had already opened a gift.  We had lots of fun and laughter as we threatened to steal each others’ gifts.

On Christmas Eve we join our parish community for Mass.  Four of us sing in the choir which is accompanied by keyboard and a brass quartet.  It is thrilling to hear our beautiful gothic church filled with the joyous sound of everyone ringing bells and singing Christmas carols.

On Christmas day we go to the morning Mass in our parish and then we visit with our families and friends.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

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