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What Are You Waiting For In Advent?

December 8, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

This year the message of Advent seems to fit especially well with events happening in our country and world…

As the Advent readings proclaim the coming of a Savior bringing peace and justice to our world, I find myself being invited to add my voice to those who are advocating for the passage of the DREAM Act and for extension of unemployment benefits. 

Both of these causes tug at my heart as I have been praying for two friends who were abruptly laid off from their jobs.  A local teenager who came to this country from Guatemala with his family when he was three was arrested after a minor traffic incident and is threatened with deportation.  On this blog there are accounts of  efforts to close the School of the Americas and to act in solidarity with people all over the world who are suffering from atrocities such as the murders of the church women in El Salvador.

This year during Advent I am waiting for the coming of Christ more fully in  our world. I pray for patience with the slow progress we are making in the causes that are dear to my heart, while continuing to join in solidarity with those who are seeking justice and peace.

What are your hopes and dreams for Advent?

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