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How Will You Vote?

November 1, 2010

By Sister Patti

Tomorrow is Elections Day. The questions I am reflecting on in order to vote are: How does this vote honor the dignity of human persons? How will this vote affect people who are poor?

The Sisters of Mercy have information to assist people in these types of reflections. However, most people who voting can end up listening to the loudest voices and not their own reflections on who benefits and who gets hurt. Personal needs and wants are taking the place of the common good. 

The ads I have been hearing have caused me to reflect on our culture. We eat fast food, we want to connect immediately with others through the use of cell phones, we use Twitter and Facebook to connect because it is easier and faster then sending an email. And change – we want it to happen today – we don’t want to wait. Patience is no longer thought of as a virtue.

This Saturday I met my niece down on the Mall in Washington, DC for the Rally. She is idealistic, wanting the world to be a better place. I went because living in the area, I felt a need to experience a rally. While there I began reading some of the signs – some were serious, some were funny, some were off color but there were some that made sense to me. The one that said, “Children will stop bullying when adults stop bullying,” I thought was a strong statement on the attack ads that have been on TV.  Why do we need to put others down to raise ourselves up?

I was reading a chapter for my class on Christian Morality that discussed Jesus reversal of the structures of power. He, the leader, washed the feet of the disciples. The disciples were told to become like little children – those who have no worth – to share in the reign of God. Do we, who call ourselves followers of Jesus, truly work to reverse structures of power in our world today?

These are some things that are influencing my vote. What is influencing yours?

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