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Blessing as a Sister of Mercy

October 24, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

How can a Sister be so happy when she is always moving around?  This is a question I am often asked.  At times I wonder too.  It always causes me to reflect back on my life.

I remember before becoming a Sister I would walk around the North Carolina campus and think I could live here the rest of my life.  In the fall the trees are a brilliant color and in the spring things are blooming.  I love what the Sisters do and wanted to be a part of it.  WOW!  Ignorance was bliss!! 

Back then I did not question many things I did not worry about habits/no habits, teaching/nursing…  I only knew one thing – I wanted to be a Sister of Mercy because I liked their charism, their mission and the direction they were going.  They were making a difference in the world and I wanted to be a part of helping them make a difference.  I accepted that if it was right it would work out, and I assumed I would never live anywhere but in the North Carolinas area.  I knew I would always be within a few hours drive from the location that seemed to awe me.  After entering, I found as time went on my assumptions were wrong.  It has turned out that I experienced the following:

Yes, I moved.  I went when asked to go.  I loved the people at each of the places.  I worked through my adjustments as needed and when they were difficult those difficulties made me a better person.  I cried when I moved into the places because I did not want to move and I cried when I left because my bond with the parish and school would never be forgotten. That has taught me one thing, that I have tried to share with people discerning religious life.

Yes, dream, plan and think about your life but do not be so in control that you forget to let God guide you.  We do not know all.  He will be asking of us and if we set limits then we may never experience the life He wants to share with us.

Being a Sister of Mercy means being open to ALL that is possible and being willing to say YES to what is asked of us.  To serve God one must be happy, but what we think makes us happy and what God does to make us happy may not be the same.  You will never know if you do not listen and allow Him to lead you.

I am blessed as a Sister of Mercy and have received many blessings everywhere I have been!! Thanks God!


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