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Silenced and Excluded

October 13, 2010

By Sister Carren

Silenced. Excluded. This is what awaits a woman who is ordained a Roman Catholic priest. I say ‘be the change’ you wish for the Church. Follow the call you hear from God to preach and teach and give the sacraments. More than likely your call had to persist through numerous refusals and efforts to silence God’s insistent voice. 

Personally I don’t feel called to ordination, but I do feel called to be a change agent. I want my church to listen to the voice of the faithful, to meet the people where they are, feel their pain, and feed their hunger. I yearn for a church that is a discipleship of equals honoring the gifts of all. It doesn’t matter to me whether the priest is male or female.
In talking with a woman priest and bishop about the Roman Catholic Womenpriest Initiative  I was filled with hope for an inclusive Christ-centered Church of equals that is rising up, reaching out and creating communities across the country devoid of titles and entitlement.
Mainstream media attention (e.g. Time magazine September 27, 2010) is putting the topic of women’s ordination back on the table in spite of the hierarchy’s statement that this issue is closed. The argument that there were no female apostles or no historical precedent aren’t convincing to many educated adults. The Spirit is breaking through where there is openness. Listen and respond, all ye faithful.
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