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What is a sensible person like me doing here?

August 19, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

How did I end up hugging a redwood tree in California and who is that other sister in the picture?

Last month I had the gift of attending the Internship in Spiritual direction at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA.  It was a wonderful time of experiencing God’s presence in all aspects of life.  We had a great team of presenters and mentors who prepared us to assist others in discovering God’s action in their lives.  We also had a marvelous group of participants from all over the United States and four foreign countries.  Each one had a unique and inspiring story to share.

One of the participants in the program was a sister from Kenya who was on sabbatical.  On the first weekend of our stay she and I were invited to join seven other participants on an excursion to Half Moon Bay to see a lighthouse on the Pacific coast.  A woman who lived in the area took us to purchase fresh baked artichoke bread at a local market.  We then took the delicious bread into the redwood forest for a picnic lunch.  She wouldn’t let us go without converting us into Californians by having us go tree hugging.  After that we went to the shore where the sister from Kenya had her first experience of touching an ocean wave.

These were just a few of the exciting adventures we had during the three and a half weeks that we were in California.  I am grateful to all who made this such a delightful experience.

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