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Teaching The Ministers a Welcome Reward

August 3, 2010

By Sister Carolyn Mary 

Several times a year I travel for the Center for Ministry Development as an adjunct faculty member teaching two of the eight classes needed for their National Certification:  Leadership Skills for Youth Ministry or Skills in Pastoral Care.

This week I have been in Helena, Montana working with some of the youth ministers of the Diocese teaching, Leadership Skills in Youth Ministry. During these weekends I find myself with Catholic adults who are eager to learn how to help the young people of the church.  Some are parents, grandparents, young adults or college students who want to serve the church by working with her youth. I find these classes so exciting and filled with great love of the church and with a strong desire to share it with its younger members.

This recent class of 30 was one that was particularly energized and eager to learn.  There were moments of lightheartedness but even more of questioning and reflection filled the air.  I must admit that even though I felt tired at the end of each day (classes are 2 days long) there was an even greater feeling that I was able to share something with them and the class with me that would not only enrich their lives but the youth they will serve. It is what makes teaching and sharing the Gospel message so rewarding and sleep so welcome.

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