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Do you want to know What God said.? He said…..

July 28, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

I just recieved a wonderful message from God!  Did you get the same message?  Did you hear Him?  It was a great conversation he told me… Oh wait a minute.  That message was for me.  He did not tell me what He wanted you to know.  If you want to know what He said to you then you will have to take the time to Listen by way of prayer. Do you have time to call Him like you called your friend, parents or siblings today?  Why not spend a few minutes with Him?  Ok, He will settle for that time anywhere!  What did He say to you? Was He telling you to avoid that movie, or accident?  Was He telling you to see your friend before they leave for heaven?  Did He give you a great idea for your job or ministry?  Well, if you did not take time to talk to Him today you will never know what he has to say to you to make a difference in your life today! STOP! LISTEN! PRAY!  It’s the only way!

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