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The Flying Nun or what an Aunt will do for her Nephews!

July 1, 2010

By Sister Patti

The choice I made to be a Sister of Mercy and not have children is made easier because of the visits I have with my nieces and nephews. This week Joseph and Adam (and their parents) came to visit me in Silver Spring, MD. The week began with visits to The National Museum of American History , The National Museum of the American Indian , and a tour of the Capital . What the boys really looked forward to was the trip to Six Flags America and seeing which coaster would make Aunt Patti scream the loudest.

(That would be the terrifying Batwing !)

The perfect weather and the lack of lines made the day perfect – for the boys – however it also meant that I ended up on all of the park’s coasters as well as some water rides I could have done without. (The Penguin’s Blizzard River – why do boys like to spin? – and Shipwreck Falls)

You have to realize that as a person afraid of heights, I do not “LOVE” coasters. I began riding them because my parents did not want my brother to ride them alone and so my arm was twisted and I went on with him. I did figure out that screaming helps that feeling of terror when you lift out of your seat as the car plunges down a drop and then comes flying up the next hill.

My spirituality becomes prayers for the ride to be over and that the car will stay on the track! I will also admit that I ride with my eyes closed ( I did open them on The Jokers Jinx! ) and scream the entire time. Maybe not the best example of my trust in God!

For my nephews though, hearing me scream my way through a ride causes great joy and laughter. They know that I would not go on these coasters except for them. It is a way for me to show them how much I love them and what I am willing to do for them. I have often reflected on the fact if this is how much I love them – how much more does God love them and me?

Who are the people in your life that you would do crazy things for? What experiences have you had that made you reflect on God’s love?

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