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DWI’s and DUI’s

June 15, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

Well you are probably wondering why I would be speaking about DWI’s or DUI Well it is simple… I was driving home this past weekend and began to think about the various people around me.  When you are alone in the car you get to think, pray and listen to a lot of things.

While watching the road and other drivers I noticed a car swerving back and forth and began to wonder if the driver was sleepy, tired, texting, looking for something or what???  I slowed down and followed the person because I was afraid to pass in fear of an accident.  To my relief they got off at the next rest area.  I then continued my journey and began to think about DWI.

This is what I came up with:

In our normal terms DWI means Driving While Intoxicated and DUI means Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

I like to think in my life DWI means Driving While Intoxicated with God and DUI means Driving Under the Influence of God.  When I drive Intoxicated or under the influence of God I am wide awake and ready to go.  I can feel His love in my heart and I want nothing more than to continue the work I do as a Sister of Mercy.   My long drives are times for me to pray for my family and friends, analyze the week, day or year,  plan my next event in my head, think about my life and as always come to the conclusion:  I AM in Love with My God and what I do as a Sister of Mercy.  I am in love with living this life for God.  Life is a constant road, with many turns and super highways and just like driving a car I will at times swerve if I am not DWI (Drive While Intoxicated with God) and Maybe Even Crash if I am not (DUI) Driving under the Influence of God.

I have had my break downs and have had to call on friends to help me but especially had to call on God for strength and perseverance.  I do not think any life is perfect I believe the Devil does try to take us away from the person or God we love but if we can drive life While Under the Influence of God or While intoxicated with God we can see the picture clearly and choose to drive towards God.

If we have religious DWI’s and DUI’s we will not be afraid to make a decision during our discernment in life because we will feel His love and His Guidance and we will choose following His guidance.  As a Sister of Mercy DWI’s and DUI’s does not mean giving up family, friends, or people you love it means loving more fully, loving God and serving those in need.  For me it is the DWI’s and DUI’s that enable me to know I am not alone in the world and to walk side by side with my Sister. They allow me to feel the strength of my Sister, even if I have met her for the first time,  I can walk with my Sister of Mercy hand in hand because we are not only daughters of God but Daughters of Catherine and we are Driving our Lives as Catherine did Under the Influence of God and While Intoxicated with God! I pray God gives you a DUI or DWI!

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