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The Gathering

June 8, 2010

By Sister Carolyn Mary 

Memorial Day for many symbolizes the beginning of the summer season and vacations.  For others, it serves as a reminder of the sacrifices of men and woman who have given their lives for the sake of freedom.  Barbecues and family gatherings are part of the day with families and friends coming together for the long weekend.

For us in Belmont, North Carolina, Memorial day is also a time to gather with our Benedictine brothers at Belmont Abbey Monastery and College.  With over a hundred years of association and working together spreading the word and educating young people in our schools and colleges it has become a welcome event.  It serves as a time to renew friendships and pray together as we enjoyed our hamburgers and hot dogs, ice cream and pie all prepared by one of the brothers and the novices.

It was a day of laughter and remembrances of some of those who are no longer with us but who have touched us all.  The day was filled with laughter and stories and occasionally some more serious issues would creep in but only to be replaced with a lighter topic in our effort to just enjoy for a few short hours our yearly time together.

I must admit our brothers down the road had out done themselves again.  A great day with good food, great sharing, and an opportunity to pray together and finally and even better was the true joy and laughter we shared.

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