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Acting in Harmony and Interdependence with All Creation…

May 16, 2010

By Sister Claudia W.

As we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension today, our hearts are automatically connected with creation.  A few weeks ago, we experienced our national Earth Day celebrations.  And today, Jesus invites us to cast our eyes and look up to the heavens.  As He joins our God in the culmination of His life on earth, how ironic to be giving thanks for our land and our skies when so many people’s lives are being devastated by natural and manmade disasters.

The thunderstorms and tornadoes across the Midwest have separated families from their homes and imposed multiple challenges in rebuilding their lives.  All of these events continually bring us to our knees as we ask the question “why?”  Then our attention becomes focused on the travesty of the earth in the south, particularly around the coastal waters.  Loss of businesses, jobs, and overall tourism activities are once again stifled because of a manmade disaster motivated by greed.

In taking shortcuts, big business and government structures are once again exploiting the lives of simple hardworking folks.  People from our South Central Community are far too familiar with the natural happenings – and manmade ineptness that caused the tragedy of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  The questions that rise up within me join the cries of those who have been affected. But, also, I am at a loss to explain why we in our country cannot take care of our own.

I strongly encourage you to become involved in these causes for our earth and for our planet.  If you are wondering how you might become involved, please contact the Institute Justice Office of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (click on the following link: Sisters of Mercy – Advocate for Social Justice) for more information.

…to reverence Earth and work more effectively toward the sustainability of life and toward universal recognition of the fundamental right to water…

–Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns

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