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Where is God Going this Summer?

May 14, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

Where is God in your Life? Have you thought about it? As I watch the children in my area prepare for summer vacation I can not help but wonder: Where is God going this summer?  When I was a teacher and then later a principal it was the same question year after year.  The people change but the story remains for instance:

My next door neighbor just received her 1st Holy Communion.  She attended Faith Formation Classes and was so excited to receive.  Now I wonder, will she be there Sunday after Sunday during the summer to receive that grace or will the family choose sleeping in, going swimming, on a picnic or going boating.  I pray they continue going to church every week.

I hope God does not decide to go on picnics or boating when we decide we need Him.

The students leave school in May and quickly say, “See you in August, Sister. Schools out for the summer, so I will not becoming to church during the summer because Mom and Dad do not want to drive to this end of town and now we  can sleep in.

I pray God does not sleep in and miss our prayers of thanksgiving and petition!

I here children going on vacation and they tell me the went to Florida, Arizona, NY etc… but when I ask…. Where did you go to church? (or) How did you like the churches there?  The same answer echos…. we did not go to church we were on vacation.

I wonder if God has ever taken a vaction away from them!

How sad! Are these the same people that:

  • Ask for prayers when their parents, children, friends and Grandparents are sick?
  • Cry, why did God allow this to happen to me?
  • Pray when 911 was such a reality!
  • Insist that their child be allowed to receive their Confirmation and Communion because they ARE ready and well prepared.

As a vocation minister, I also ask myself, will these children grow up and want to be Sisters, Brothers, Priests and Deacons? If so, How will they ever get to learn and know about there vocation if they do not take time to participate in our church and build their relationship with God?  It is puzzling to me!

People are asking me what is happening to our church.  I ask what is happening with you?  We are the Church!  What we do affects the church? What are you doing to be a part of the church?  When will you decide to take God on your next Vacation, picnic and boat ride?  Jesus asked the Apostles in the Garden and I repeat His question ” Can’t you even pray with me for one hour?”

Where is God going this Summer in your life?

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