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New Life… With the Risen Christ!

April 12, 2010

By Sister Claudia W.

Here we are at the beginning of the Easter season. For many of us, we recently experienced many joys in the celebrations of new baptisms and professions of faith during the Easter Vigil.

Whatever may have been your opportunity to celebrate the resurrection, I hope it was a moment in time for renewal of your own baptismal commitment. It certainly was for me. I had such a significant and powerful experience as I joined with friends and family to witness a dear friend beginning her journey as a convert to Catholicism.

What challenge do any of us experience in such a setting? Are we motivated to deepen our own call to live the faith? Or, is this another routine liturgy with an additional ceremony?

No matter what, Jesus has rolled away the stone and has come to welcome us to eternal life once again.

Will our hearts be on fire as we hear his greeting? Will we recognize who is extending hospitality to us? How will we share what we have seen and heard?

Hopefully, we will not be as resistant as Thomas demanding more than is needed. Let us intentionally hold one another in prayer as we embark on this road to Pentecost. May our experience of the Risen Lord become a daily occurrence in our lives.

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