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What is a sign of God’s activity in our lives?

April 1, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

When God call us, doors often open, the right people come into our lives, and things fall into place.  Last week I had a wonderful surprise which caused me to remember a time when this was true for me…

Many years ago, when I was discerning a new ministry, a priest that I consulted advised me to get in touch with my dream.  I replied that what I really wanted to do was work for parish renewal.  I had read about a bishop who was innovative in ways to renew parishes in his diocese.  The priest suggested that I write to that bishop and ask if there was any way that I could be of help.  Soon afterward, a letter arrived in the mail from a priest in the diocese who was looking for a pastoral associate to help with a new parish renewal program that he wanted to start.  This was the beginning of five wonderful years ministering with the people in the parish who were trained to lead a parish renewal program and then train others to carry it on.

Last week I was joined by two other vocation ministers in giving a busy persons retreat at a college in that same diocese.  One of the women who came for retreat told me that she had just finished attending a renewal program in her parish.  She was very alive in the Spirit, just like the people I had ministered with 30 years ago.  I asked her what the program was, and she said it was the same one that I had helped with.  We were both thrilled to find each other.  I was amazed that the program had flourished and continued for so long, and she was excited to find someone who had been there in the early beginnings.

This experience touched me very deeply.  I felt the wonder of seeing God’s action in my life and the lives of so many others.

Have you experienced a sign of God’s activity in your life?

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