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Have You Seen The Habits of A Sister of Mercy

March 6, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

Habits have been a hot discussion since Oprah aired, at least in my book clubs and gatherings where I live. When asked about it, my comment is: If you have not seen a Sister of Mercy habit then perhaps you are not looking at us the way you should look.

The Sister of Mercy wear…

  • a Mercy Cross – which can be found pinned on the sisters jacket or blouse or hanging on a small chain around her neck.
  •   a silver ring – which looks like a wedding band around the left ring finger.

Both symbols are to remind us of our commitment to God and to our community of Mercy.

The Sisters of Mercy also wear other things, however, if you are looking at the material items such as clothing then you will miss seeing the habit.

If you want to see the habit then you must look:

  • into her eyes – there you will see the shinning glow of hope. This hope is a belief that there is a Heaven and the hope we will be with our loving savior when we leave this earthly world.
  • at her smile  – a sign of happiness and joy in the life she has chosen serving God and the smile knowing that God loves her.
  • at her heart  – there you will see the love and compassion she has for all those she serves and for her God

You must also listen.  Listen to:

  • her laughter – one can not help laughing with people about the joys of life especially when God is always tickling her heart.
  • her voice – for in her words she shares  the Good News of the Bible, the prayers within her heart, the love she has for God and the stories of Catherine McAuley ( the foundress).

These are just a few pieces of the Mercy habit.  Perhaps it is not the habit people are use to seeing but I know one thing.  It is a habit that is cleaned, repaired or changed easily through prayer, retreats and community living.  It never wears out, it is contagious and is truly an outward sign of our love of service and commitment to God, the poor and uneducated, and our community.  It is this habit that has helped us served in houses for the abused, schools, hospitals, and other Mercy ministries.

Yes, I am a Sister of Mercy and I wear a habit everyday!  My prayer is that you can see it.  Oh what a beautiful habit it is!!!!

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