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Will Spring Ever Come?

February 25, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

How have you been coping with all the snow we have been having this year?  Here in Cincinnati we have had an all-time record amount of snow for the month of February.  This has presented challenges as well as opportunities to reflect.

I am very fortunate to have an office nearby at Mercy Center where we have a wonderful maintenance crew who have kept our driveways and walkways cleared off.  Since these dedicated men have taken care of the challenge of digging out, I have had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this season.

The South Central Leadership Team sent each of us a copy of “Springtime of the Soul,” a Lenten reflection booklet published by the Congregation of St. Joseph. This year I am longing for a springtime of soul as I look around at all the ice and snow.  This reflection booklet is helping me see the blessings in our winter wonderland.

As events and meetings get cancelled, there is more time for prayer and reflection.  I am experiencing that Lent is a time of retreat to renew and deepen my relationship with God.  Now that the roads have been cleared off, I am able to get out and take long walks in the snow to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Just as I am being called to have faith that soon there will be new life budding forth on the bare trees, I am also being called to renew my faith in God’s power to renew my spirit.  Just as I must be patient in waiting for spring, I must be patient in waiting for God’s action in my life.  I am learning to treasure this time of hibernation to become more centered in God’s love.

What have been your experiences with this winter’s abundance of snow?

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