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New Beginnings

February 1, 2010

By Sister Claudia 

On this date, February 1st, we enter into a month of many celebrations and remembrances.  In the south there is a celebration of Mardi Gras – a time to renew old friendships and to celebrate the lightheartedness of attending parades and hoping to catch some New Orleans treats.  For many sports fans, there is the conclusion of the annual football season and the excitement of the Super Bowl…Geaux Saints!

Soon we will commence the season of Lent.  In many ways, this night is the vigil of remembering all such events in the lives of hundreds of Sisters of Mercy.  Tomorrow, the feast of the Presentation of Jesus, is one of the traditional anniversaries of entrance for many community members.  We give thanks for their lives of celebration and sacrifice for the needs of the many people they continue to serve.

What has been a special beginning in your life?  What memories surface for you as you consider its impact on your life today?  For me, every day holds some new beginnings.  Today in ministry I was involved in a new initiative for one of our Health System’s Educational programs.  The experience invited me to begin again to tap into my own creativity and reflections on my life as a Sister of Mercy and as an educator.

Let us join together in prayer for one another as we continue on our journeys in faith.  God’s Blessings!

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