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One For All and All for One

January 25, 2010

By Sister Pat P.

Have you heard the saying, ” One for all and all for one” ?  If so it was probably in the day of the Musketeers.  We all knew what it meant didn’t we?

For the Musketeers it meant being there, through thick and thin.  As an Italian growing up in an Italian neighborhood we knew Family was important and we needed to be like the Musketeers, we knew we needed to be there.  The movies supported the importance of family and the strength family had if they stuck together.

Today,  as a member of my family, I still see that importance of family. The family brings life to the future.   My married brothers and sisters are now grandparents and my nieces and nephews are all grown up starting their own families.  Which means I am a Grand Aunt or Great Aunt (personally I like them calling me Great Aunt). It is a lot to live up to in today’s times.

What I love about seeing my family is that there is that love.  The little ones light up and enjoy your presence. The older ones enjoy your company taking an interest in your life, your ministry and all that is happening with you and when times get rough they are there helping you through the rough times.  My family is my Musketeers but there is another family that I am extremely close to: these are my Sisters or community.

I am one of over 4,000 Sisters of Mercy. We live throughout the country ministering to hundreds of thousands of people and over the years we run into each other at meetings, conventions or within the cities we minister.  What is so fantastic is no matter where we are in the world we are never alone,  if we see a Sister of Mercy we are immediately connected, glad to see each other and ready to help in whatever way we can.  What a family!  I can be in any state have a problem and know I can knock on a door of the Sisters of Mercy and they will help.  I can even be in another country and know the Sisters will help me, give me lodging and food or assist me with my needs.  The Sisters of Mercy are my family too.  I am fortunate because even if I have never met the particular sister I know they are my Sisters and I can be at home with them. 

Yes, I have two families my biological family, which has always been a support to me and I have my sisters, my community, my other family, the Sisters of Mercy and I know both families will always be there for me.  As I get older I know ,if time goes as usual, my biological family will change.  My brothers and Sisters are aging and depending on when God decides my family will shrink.  The ability to help me and support me may be limited due to family commitments,  or physical inability or lack of finances however, the Sisters of Mercy I know,  will always be there for me.  I will never be alone.  The Sisters of Mercy live the motto:  All for One and One for All!  We  have for over 175 years and we will continue to live out the promises made by Catherine McAuley and the first Sisters of Mercy.

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