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How do I hear God’s Call?

January 15, 2010

By Sister Carolyn B.

How can I be a better listener?  Listening is the key to encountering God’s presence and action in our lives.  Let’s talk about some tools that can help us learn more about ourselves and listen more deeply to God…

1.  Prayer:  The most important tool is taking time each day to listen in silence to God in prayer.  After we have had time to tell God what is on our mind and in our hearts, it is very good to just be quiet and listen to what God has to say back to us.  We may not always get a clear message, but it is important to SHOW UP each day and spend time with God.

2.  Scripture:  Often a passage from Scripture can speak to us.  It was the passage in Scripture about the young man who asked Jesus what more he could do that touched my heart and led me to find the Sisters of Mercy.

3.  Journaling:  Often in journaling about our daily experiences we come to a deeper insight about the meaning of our lives.

4.  Spiritual Director/Companion:  A spiritual director is essential to those of us who seek to follow Jesus.  A director can help us see what is truly God’s call and what is just our own selves getting in the way of God’s work in us.

5.  Vocation Minister:  A vocation minister can help us discern God’s call and find out what community is the right fit for us.

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