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About the chat room….

December 6, 2009

By Angela G.

What is the chat room all about?  Who can chat?  Who do you chat with?


The chat room is about helping women who are discerning, or maybe just exploring, Religious life to come meet the Sisters of Mercy and that’s why our virtual room is called “Meet the Sisters of Mercy”.  Pretty catchy, right?

So who does and who can chat?  Women from all over the country come to spend an hour with Sisters talking about anything and everything.  We do have topic nights such as Community Life and Vows, a Catherine quote, and Sunday’s Gospel.  On other nights we have open chat to let those women ask or discuss whatever happens to be on their mind.  We also have “guest speakers” from time to time come and talk about their ministry and we are always looking for more “guest speakers”.  Think about it, maybe that is YOU!

For one hour a night, what we call “the fastest hour on the net”, we gather in the virtual room and have a type of gathering that this technology blesses us with.

We would love to have YOU join us.  Just ask how you too can be a chatter and help women MEET the SISTERS of MERCY.  Honest, it’s a lot of fun too!

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