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To Be or Not to Be Mercy? That is the Question

November 16, 2009

By Sister Pat

Why be a Sister of Mercy? What if I do not feel it is right for me?

These are excellent questions?  They are at the heart of anyone searching to serve God as a Sister of Mercy.  They are questions that show concern and risks.  The concern is,  am I worthy to serve as a Daughter of Catherine?  Can the Sisters of Mercy enriche my life by supporting my spiritual growth and build a community of support and love.  Are the works done by the Sisters ways in which I can be happy serving the church.

The risk is, what if it does not work out? What if I think I belong, however, after joining find that I do not feel called to being a Sister of Mercy?

Being a Sister of Mercy is an awesome task carried out by ordinary women.  If God calls us to serve as a Sister of Mercy then who are we to argue as to whether we are worthy to follow in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley?  There is a process for one discerning to become a Sister of Mercy.   It helps address the concerns and gives mini experiences to those wondering about their future in Mercy.  It is a process that help discern ones role in life and not just as a Sister of Mercy.

As for joining us and then moving on to another life should you find it does not work out, that is what the first few years are about.  One can look on from the outside but until you walk in our shoes you will never know if the Sisters of Mercy are for you.

There is a billboard on I85 in North Carolina,  it says” Play the Lottery,  You can not win if you do not play”

Well, I say, Come discern the Sisters of Mercy,  you will never know if we are right for you if you do not come to see.

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