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What is the deepest desire of your heart?

November 12, 2009

By Sister Carolyn B.

How does a person find their calling in life?  How does one choose between two good options for something such as a college major, a ministry, or a life style?

Asking ourselves what is the deepest desire of our heart is an important step in making these choices.  My deepest desire is to be in union with God.  Because of this desire, I have chosen to be a Sister of Mercy.

Life as a Sister of Mercy is a strong support for me in pursuing this desire.  Each morning the five sisters that I live with in community join in praying Morning Prayer from our Mercy prayer book.  As part of our prayer we share our reflections on the Gospel reading of the day.  This is very inspiring to me and very important for us as we deepen our relationship with Christ and one another.  After that we attend daily Mass where we join in prayer with other sisters, neighbors and friends.

Catherine McAuley, our foundress, has inspired me to seek to live each day with my heart centered in God as I follow the Spirit’s lead in my ministry.  In the evening there is time for personal prayer and reflection on God’s gifts of the day.

Each year we have the special privilege of making a week long retreat where we deepen our pesonal relationship with God through prayer.

What is your deepest desire?  What choices will help you to fulfill this desire?

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