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Chatting up MERCY

November 4, 2009

By Angie G.

How can we chat up Mercy?

I was first introduced to Sr. Kathleen by Sr Pat G., both Vocation Ministers at the time,  at a NyPPaW gathering in Erie, PA. Sr. Pat told Sr. Kathleen that I was into vocations and we should talk about using the internet.

Sr. Kathleen then proceeded to ask me if I was married to which I responded, sheepishly, “Yes?” I was thinking, is this a problem? Sr. Kathleen then asked me, “How is your husband’s health?” It dawned on me that she thought I was looking into a vocation in Religious life. I told her my husband’s health was FINE and we wanted to keep it that way!! That I was interested in helping with her work in Vocations by using the internet.

I had been “playing” on the internet for some time and I had some ideas of how online chatting could be utilized to  connect women to Mercy.

Some time later, one day when I was online,  an Instant Message window from Sr. Kathleen popped up on my screen and she said, “So, what would you do for Vocations on the internet?” I said, “Well, I would start a group where we could have message boards and a chat room.” She said, “How would you do that?” I then began telling her how to set it up. At least 10 minutes went by with nothing more from her. Then, suddenly, her window was flashing on the bottom of my screen. I clicked it open and saw this….. “Done, I set it up and I made YOU a Manager.”

Me?  A Manager of the group?  I didn’t see that coming because, after all, I was just an Associate and all I wanted to do was pass on the idea.

JUST an Associate?  I can’t tell you how many times I have been reprimanded for saying that.

Whether we have been called to vowed life, Association, Companions or Partners in Mercy, we are CALLED.  So, should everyone join the chat room?   Of course not, but there are many other ways to chat up MERCY and we should all find which way we can personally do that.

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