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Being a Sister of Mercy

October 31, 2009

By Sister Michelle 

Saturday (Halloween) I joined my “Mercy Circle” for an all day gathering at a house we use for meetings and private retreats in St. Louis.  There were 8 of us discussing what our South Central Community’s priorities should be in the coming year or so. One thing I love about our Community is the honesty with which each person shares while always showing gentleness and respect for each other person in the circle. It is such a joy and grace to have people to whom I belong and with whom I share the deepest values of my life.

Community supports my freedom to work in service with the poor and to make choices for a simpler life by sharing “all things in common”.  Sometimes I think God called me to religious life because I would have been too weak to live in faith without the continuous example and encouragement of my Sisters and the various structures we have which remind us to keep our eyes on the “ball”: the God-quest and loving service to those whom society neglects.

I’m a newcomer to this particular “circle” and also to the Sisters of Mercy:  I was a member of another wonderful Community for over 25 years. Something about realizing that my truer home is in the Charism of Mercy has made me more confident of and committed to my vocation and my ministry, yet more willing to be vulnerable and open to what I haven’t yet known or been called to do.

After a three year probation period, we celebrated the permanent transfer of my vows to the Sisters of Mercy and I took our fourth vow of “Service to the Sick, Poor and Ignorant” last Summer. My new vow of merciful Service gives voice and focus to the meaning which my ‘job’ as a Clinical Social Worker/Therapist really has for me.

What would you be interested in hearing from me?  What should I write about?  More personal? more political? more about…???

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